Our Services

We provide holistic procurement services to the public sector
– managing procurements, managing risk and helping to deliver quality and value.

Strategic Services

  • We ensure member authority’s corporate and procurement strategies are aligned to the procurements carried out
  • We look to leverage the wider buying power created by having a group of members with similar needs coordinating procurements across the group for like requirements
  • We provide advice and support regarding CPR content and changes required by new legislation
Strategic Services
Operational Services

Operational Services

Resource planning

Coordination of an annual procurement plan and ensuring projects are delivered in a timely manner

Management of procurement over the member’s tender threshold up to contract award.

Including but not limited to;

  • providing procurement template documents in line with regulations and ensuring these are completed in a compliant manner
  • Providing options, and recommendations, for appropriate routes to the market
  • Review and risk assessment on specifications and member provided documents
  • Co-ordinating evaluation stages
  • Presiding over the award process
  • Soft market Testing exercises
  • Publishing of relevant notices
  • Providing advice on all procurement regardless of value
  • Support with Legal services in coordinating contractual documents

Officer training on a variety of procurement areas.

Support with formal papers as required by member authorities.


  • Monthly progress meetings with each member
  • Annual report including savings and activity
  • Transparency Agenda support including contract registers