The Welland Process

Creating the Annual Plan

An indicative plan is provided to Welland and worked up between Jan and March each year to give a working plan of procurement for all members.

First Contact

Welland officers will contact procurement leads for each project to ascertain, value, length of agreement, service details, initial risks, agree complexity of the procurement and feed this back into the working plan.

Issuing The Annual Plan

The plan will be issued to each member including as many of the projects submitted as possible on a fair usage basis, unaccepted work will be placed on reserve list in the event planned work becomes mothballed or delayed.

Options may exist for additional work resource to be bought by members who have especially large needs in any given period.

Procurement Implementation Document

Prior to the start of any procurement Welland officers will request completion of a procurement implementation document, confirming the details already established and getting the timeline signed off by the authority, including a commitment to resources and deadlines identified in delivery.

Ad hoc Emergency Requirements (work outside the plan)

Where possible we will look to accommodate emergency requirements but this may require a review and realignment of existing service plans and resource allocation or additional cost to deliver. This will be managed and agreed by the head of Welland Procurement.